Video production Rates

Video production rates per videographer.

Fully-equipped videographer + 30 minutes of setup.


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Affordable Pricing.

Employees are paid hourly, so we can’t negotiate / discount prices. Don’t worry though — we have some of the most competitive rates available.


Coverage Time.

Please remember that coverage is time-based billing — from start-time to end-time. You may create multiple coverage times to save money.


Length of Footage.

Please keep in mind that video will be shorter than coverage time — unless the event is non-stop, continuous (e.g., presentations, ceremonies, speeches).


Multiple Videographers.

We have a team available for handling small to mid-sized video productions. If you require a crew larger than 5 team members, please contact us.


We can do Anything.

No matter what you’re looking to do, we can handle it. Full-day consultations are $499 per day (storyboarding, etc.)


Get a Free Quote by Phone or Email.

Absolutely free phone + email consultations.


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We’re pretty fast on email too. Choose whichever is easiest for you.